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This "Tribe" appears in a Conan crossover

Updated: Jan 31

CTB #67

Conan is about to blunder into the claws of the Man-Tiger on the cover of Conan the Barbarian #67.

Cool cover on this one. Has to be Kane pencils again. Interior art is by John Buscema with inks by "The Tribe". The Tribe was a group of Filipino inkers, including Tony DeZuniga and Sonny Trinidad, that would help each other to knock out an issue. A crossover converges in this issue, continuing the story from both CTB #66 and Red Sonja #6.

Belit, Queen of the Black Coast, and Red Sonja test each others battle prowess. Interior art from Conan the Barbarian #67

Needless to say, Red Sonja and Conan's new woman, the she-pirate Belit, self-styled Queen of the Black Coast, don't get along well at all. Everyone is after a page from the dreaded Book of Skelos. Prior to Conan's fight with the cat-man featured on the cover, the readers are treated to a little catfight between the two swordswomen. Belit is forced to admit Sonja is her superior in swordsmanship, so she challenges the redhead to a fight with daggers.

The fight is observed by a mysterious cloaked Stygian. Conan breaks off the search for the elusive Page of Skelos long enough to spring his friend Yusef from the city dungeons, and the same cloaked figure later enchants a jailer to become a feline beast-man. Finally done with Tara and Yusef, Conan and Belit rededicate their energies to finding the page, even if they have cross swords with Red Sonja to do it. Conan himself leads the charge on horseback to locate Sonya and take back what is theirs.

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